Exterior Lighting Trends

Exterior lighting fixtures have become extremely varied as an ever-increasing number of providers have taken it upon themselves to design new and improved lighting solutions that are designed to be both efficient and fashionable. The newest trends associated with exterior lighting have to do with brand new, upgraded and unique fixtures that are designed not only to look good, but also to be far more functional and efficient than the fixtures of yesterday.


Solar Powered Lighting


Solar energy is by far one of the most popular types of sustainable energy sources currently available on the market. As a result, many manufacturers of lights and lighting fixtures have chosen solar power to be the main provider of energy for their most sustainable exterior lighting fixtures.


The idea is simple: a solar powered lighting fixture is designed to use solar energy in order to power a battery during the day, when the light isn’t in use. As a result, the rechargeable battery it uses can then give off energy all night, so it can power the light until dawn.


These types of systems can vary a great deal, and in some cases, they are designed to blend in with and improve on existing solar energy generators and solar arrays. Their most important advantage is that they can provide you with exterior lighting for free, and in most cases, their LED lights are bright enough to light up your entire garden and grounds with relative ease.


Smart Lighting Solutions


Technology is creeping into every corner of our lives, and it would be a real pity if lighting fixture designers and manufacturers didn’t take advantage of it when it comes to providing us with the coolest and most impressive lighting fixtures and devices designed for external use.


Exterior fixtures today can be fitted with modules that make them worthy of the most cutting edge smart houses by any of the a skilled Westminster electrician in your area. They can be adapted for remote control, whether you want to dim the lights, change the colors or even alter the direction, softness and partial intensity of the light given off by a certain lighting fixture.


Basically, smart lighting solutions offer total control over the light itself, and they can even be designed to connect to your mobile phone and follow automated schedules for turning on and off your lights or altering their intensity depending on the time of day. As a result, you can even deter thieves and burglars from attacking your home when you’re away for a few days, since the altering lights will give them the message that you’re still at home.


Lighting Fixtures That Blend with the Environment


Finally, one of the most fashionable types of exterior lighting fixtures are those that blend in with the surrounding environment. The colors, designs and shapes of the fixtures can be adapted and customized depending on what your garden and exterior items look like. As a result, it’s easy to highlight any area of your home or garden.


Moreover, some fixtures use mirrors and transparent elements to achieve the same goal, often even creating illusions and artistic appearances that will make your home look even more special.