teenagers with musical instruments

Youth bands, whether organized by schools, churches or by the band members, are great ways to socialize and to make friendships based on the passion for music shared by the band members that last for a lifetime. Playing in a band combines the benefits of learning and playing a musical instrument with the great cognitive and personal development benefits that come with being a member of a group – here are the advantages your child can enjoy by joining a group of peers to play music.

The Cognitive Benefits of Learning and Playing Music

Learning an instrument and enjoying the process comes with enormous, long-lasting benefits for any child:

  • Concentration and discipline – children who learn music have to concentrate on their practice for extended amounts of time and they also need to practice regularly to develop the necessary skills. The process teaches children to stay focused even when they need to do repetitive activities, such as playing the same few notes over and over again until they get them right and they also learn how important it is to practice regularly, even when they don’t feel like it at all;
  • Relaxation – playing music is known to reduce stress levels and it lowers blood pressure and heart rate as well;
  • Creativity – bands that play their own music use the creative contribution of each member to achieve the best results and playing cover music or the notes written by someone else is not an activity that lacks creativity either;
  • Improved hand-to-eye coordination – playing music develops motor skills the same way as sports do;
  • Improved memory – music can be played from sheets, but most musicians learn to memorize the notes after practicing them a few times and then they play from memory. The process is beneficial not only for your child’s auditive memory, but for their memory in general – children who play music are known to have better memory when it comes to learning school subjects as well.

The Social Benefits of Being in a Band

Joining a band is an excellent way to make friends, to become a member of a cohesive group and to overcome the embarrassment that many children feel when they have to be around others. Taking part in the music lessons Denver professionals offer, and/or playing in a band promotes the development of communication skills and teaches your child about the importance of teamwork as well – the issues that arise while the band is practicing and performing need to be solved together, in a cooperative and flexible manner and your child will learn a lot from the process.

Bands usually want to go on stage as well, so playing music in a band will inevitably teach your child how to cope with the attention of others directed towards him or her. The process is beneficial for your child’s self-confidence as well – many children experience embarrassment when they first step on the stage to perform, but if they have success, the embarrassment disappears and the performers become more self-confident both on the stage and in everyday life.