sliced hickory hamWhile competing brands like honey baked also provide excellent ham, what makes a hickory smoked ham stand out are the unique flavor choices, convenient ordering process and healthy ham products that the supplier has to offer. Whether you have a catering business, and would like to order for a large party of guests, or you’re interested in just a couple of smoked hams for the holiday, hickory smoked hams will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

The Main Advantages of a Hickory Smoked Ham

The following are only a few of the advantages you gain from ordering a hickory smoked ham:

  • The main thing you’ll notice about a hickory smoked ham is that the taste is incredible. They are prepared with an extremely elaborate process and a secret recipe for preparing and glazing your favorite hams. Their flavors are rich and diverse, and they never fail to impress regarding the details.
  • The glazes are very amazing. What makes a hickory smoked ham really special is the glazing process which delivers one of the most delicious honey glazed or salted caramel glazed ham you’ve ever had.
  • Hickory hams are fully cooked and ready to serve, whether you want them warm or cold. Most are spiral sliced for your convenience, and they’re also among the most tender and delicious hams you can get on the market today.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Let’s face it, spiral sliced hams are delicious, but they’re not typically very healthy. The biggest problem is the content of fat and sodium. However, with some hickory hams you get a little more of an advantage when it comes to preserving your health and avoiding the nasty long term effects associated with consuming large quantities of sodium-rich ham.

Hams are known to contain even more than 1,500 mg per 100 grams of ham. A serving of 56 grams of Hickory ham only contains about 630 mg of sodium, which means the total content for a 100 gram serving is about 1125 mg – well below the average value.

When it comes to its fat content, your favorite hickory smoked ham will only have about 15% calories derived fat, out of which only 3% comes from saturated fat. Considering that most hams have a more than 22% fat content, hickory smoked products are surprisingly lean.